Solar Energy Savings in Deerfield Beach

Solar Energy Savings in Deerfield Beach 2020-06-26T15:46:34+00:00

In recognizing the needs in protecting the environment in which we all live Southern Coast Enterprises Inc. now provides the latest innovations in the Green Energy markets. We have made it our mission to provide you with the latest and best innovative solutions for all your Green energy requirements which can reduce or even eliminate your energy costs which in turn save you money, reduce your carbon foot print and help lower our dependency on imported energy. With the rising energy costs going Green is the only thing that makes sense.

We can help you design your building to be more energy efficient and Environmentally friendly. From Green living roof systems, Solar Domestic water heating systems, Solar Pool heating systems, Solar PV power generating systems, and complete Energy mitigation studies. SCE has the expertise to move you into the Environmentally friendly Age.

SCE has the knowledge and expertise to install complete Solar systems from Domestic Hot water, Solar pool heaters and even Photovoltaic electric systems. Thus giving you an environmentally sound and cost effective way to reduce your energy consumption.

We can assist you in obtaining the maximum in Federal Tax credits and State rebates. Additionally, with our financing programs we can virtually reduce or eliminate your out of pocket expenses.

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Solar Energy Savings

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